The instructors are friendly, patient and professional
All in all, a great driving school.

— Stacey Thezombieslayer

Connor Street reviewed Ipswich Driving School5 star
27 July ·

Thanks to Jon, Justin and the team, I received a great result on my first driving test!

— Connor Street

Harriet Binya reviewed Ipswich Driving School5 star
5 January ·

I got my P’s on my first go, all thanks to Justin. Justin made sure I was 100% ready for my test, taught me all the manoeuvres I needed to know and always made me feel comfortable during the lessons.. overall I am very happy and would recommend Ipswich driving school and Justin to all learner drivers

— Harriet Binya


Seriously couldn't have done it would out these guys! So precise in helping you knuckle down the little mistakes to help you pass your test! Super comfortable to be in the car with which allows you to concentrate on the road and improving your skills. Amazing service all round, from reception to the instructors.

— Allex Faulkner


I had a great experience with this driving school, not only my instructor but the office aswell, I felt as if it really prepared me for my test and helped make me feel more confidant on the road, would defiantly recommend for anyone wanting lessons, you'll defiantly get the best help and they engage with you and help you reach your full potential of a good safe driver. Lovely people

— Toni Wills


Ipswich Driving School is a fantastic driving school! Chantel has been a remarkable instructor guiding and teaching me to drive! With positive and helpful feedback I was able to pick it up so quickly, from having no experience when I began. Her calm and reassuring nature helped relax my anxiety and I am now more confident than I thought I'd ever be! I highly recommend Ipswich Driving School they're fantastic!

— Tenikka Major


Thankyou so much Chantel, I definitely wouldn't have been able to pass today without you!
You are by far the most friendly, patient and understanding instructor, and made me feel so confident behind the wheel!
Thankyou for everything.
Would definitely recommend 100% to everyone

— Nicky Rutherford


David is an exceptional driving instructor, he taught me so much and was very patient. The staff at the office are lovely and very helpful. Would highly recommend Ipswich Driving School. Thank you David for helping me get my licence

— Jessica Taylor


Thanks to Chantel and David for your awesome guidance. You were very patient and knew how to assist me and built on my driving skills. Highly recommend you guys. I don't think i would have passed my test first go if it wasn't for you guys

— Shamrita Robin Arman


I had a really great experience with this driving school! I was reasonably confident, but booked myself in for three lessons anyway, and I learnt lots of little techniques which gave me extra confidence to pass the test. Chantel was a very encouraging instructor too. :) Affordable, quality learning

— Reeshan Zakiyya


Good driving school would recommend to everyone.

— Maddison Macdonald

Kevin Casha reviewed Ipswich Driving School5 star

Chantel and Kerry were fantastic. Our boy was very well prepared by Chantel and Kerry in the office was incredibly organised and friendly everything went so smoothly.
I would recommend them whole heartedly if you are wanting your young adult to learn how to drive, manage themselves on the road with confidence and know they are really prepared for safe driving.
Definitely five stars!

— Kevin Casha


Excellent driving school. My instructor David, was very nice and gave me lots of confidence and made it so easy to learn manual in a short period of time. I'm really glad I chose Ipswich driving school :) highly recommend!

— Ashleigh Suter


The reason I have my license right now is because of David and the Ipswich Driving School. David is kind, patient and was so understanding of my situation. For years and years I had been putting off driving, but since my eldest son was starting prep it was time to get my butt into gear and David helped me pull it off. I can't thank him enough.

— Kim Mischke


Absolutely amazing, helped me so much with my confidence. Chantel has been an amazing instructor! Would recommend to everyone xx

— Savannah Rain


I highly recommend Ipswich Driving School, they take a calm and compassionate approach to what is an otherwise very stressful scenario. John helped me gain confidence in preparation for my test, and reassured me prior to my exam with helpful tips. He is a fantastic teacher and made me feel 100% comfortable and confident to drive - thanks Ipswich Driving School!

— Olivia Strydom


Ipswich Driving School were very good in helping me get my licence. Chantel is friendly, patient and overall a top driving instructor. Highly recommend to anyone searching for a driving school.

— Declan Murphy


I enjoyed my experience with Ipswich Driving School. They are friendly and easy to talk to driving instructors. I highly recommend Ipswich Driving School to other learner drivers.
Thanks for the guidance and teaching me the right way to drive.

— Krystal Morgenstern


Massive thankyou to Justin Chantel and John for helping me get my Ps first go could not recommend these guys enough they were incredible!!

— Brittany Leah


I was very overwhelmed and not confident but my driving instructor always believed in me and always made sure I knew that. So grateful I was able to pass my test over a year ago now!

— Zoe Taylor