Not all driving schools are equal.  We know there are providers out there who offer 'cheaper' lessons than we do.  However, when it comes to learning how to drive, Ipswich Driving School doesn't believe in cutting corners.

Ipswich Driving School is the benchmark in driving lessons in and around Ipswich, because it is all we do.  We specialize in providing new drivers with physical and mental preparation required for driving safely on our roads.  

Can you really put a price on the safety of your loved one?

Please find pricing below:

Driving Lessons

1 hour lesson - $55

2 hour lesson - $110

Special Offers

5 x 1 hour lesson vouchers - $260 ($52 per lesson)

10 x 1 hour lesson vouchers - $500 ($50 per lesson)

Test Packages

Lesson & test - new student - $200

Lesson & test - current student - $155*

*To qualify for discounted test pricing, student must have had at least 2 lessons with Ipswich Driving School, prior to the test date.

When booking your test, it is advisable to book 3 weeks in advance to ensure we have a car available for your test.